Patient Reviews

Dr. Butwin, dentist, and Trudy, dental hygienist, are the BEST in the business!!! I followed them to their new practice because I don't want to go to anyone else for primary dental care--Dr. Butwin is kind, friendly, incredibly knowledgeable yet down-to-earth! And best--he performs pain-free dental surgery! Trudy is by FAR the most adept dental hygienist I have ever experienced, and she is SO nice too!! I used to hate going to the dentist, but now I actually look forward to it because I know it will be a GREAT experience!!
— Darcy L.

Dr. Butwin is an Awesome Dentist & Trudy is AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!! Neither one has ever caused me any pain and always treated VERY GOOD and really care about their patients. would not think about going anywhere else. Followed them to new place, great staff everyone is friendly and nice. Thanks again for getting me in on short notice. You guys ROCK !!!!
— Dave H.

Only place me and my family will go! Love the new location!
— Hannah M.

Pulled bunch of bad teeth from front to back almost totally pain free the whole time.
— Cranker D.